Monday, February 11, 2008

We Were Happy People

This is my first animation. It is simple, lousy and full of blunders but I'm glad that I did it as it gives me a picture that doing animation is hard. I tell you, those professional animators are really very good. Now I know ... hehehe.

This video is available at Tagged.

Song, music and lyric by Azer Mantessa
Animation by Azer Mantessa
Vocals by Azer Mantessa

We Were Happy People

We were happy people
before they came along
with their guns and cannons
and ruled us with blood
What they did was horror

We were happy people
until they started to rob
a lot of our
natural resources
Made us even poorer

They had the power in taking
Just a little bit in giving
They had the power to control
Threaten to destroy every soul

They did expect
For we were weak
That we would never start
to fight back

We were happy people
Before you came along
with your stupid ideas of

We were happy people
Until you socialize
the losses of the
government bodies
But the privatize the profits

You coordinated with the banks
For the loans to realize your plans
You listed all the companies
Increasing market equities

To refinance
Financial cost
Consumer prices rise up
for your cause

So tell us how to be happy
There's not much difference
Between the Imperialists and your cronies
We have no where to turn

This song is available (in MP3, 6.2 MB) at Cadenza MIDI Diary.

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Some of my favorite guitar playing:

Glenn Branca Solo 1978
Johnny Marr of The Smiths
Carlos Montoya - Farucca

Special thanks to Noushy Shah for the award below: